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07/12/2018 05:30 PM
Robin Pachino gets DP'd by her new neighbors

Robin Pachino gets DP'd by her new neighbors

Robin Pachino gets DP'd by her new neighbors

Here's the deal. A hot GILF moves into the neighborhood. She's blonde and sexy. But something about her looks familiar. Haven't Carlos and Eric seen her before?

It turns out they have. Their new neighbor is 61-year-old porn star Robin Pachino, and this is their lucky day because she's going to let them sample the goods. Well, more then sample them. She's going to suck their cocks. She's going to fuck their cocks. She's going to have them fuck her ass. And then, she's going to have them stuff her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Howdy, neighbor!

50Plus MILFs: Have you watched the scenes that you did for us?
Robin: Yes, I have.
50Plus MILFs: Did you watch them alone or with someone?
Robin: I watched them alone, but I got very turned on watching them. It's unreal. I find myself very exciting. I'm like, "Ooooh, she is sexy!" Then I remember it's me!

Yeah, it's her. It's Robin Pachino, who first fucked for us when she was in her 50s and did two wild three-way scenes with Honey Ray (who isn't a porn star). When Robin asked us if we'd like to have her back, we said, "You're damn right we would!" Women like her are always welcome at 60PlusMILFs.com, but there aren't many women like her.

Could you imagine Robin in a fuck scene with Rita Daniels and Sally D'Angelo? We need to find a way to make that happen.

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07/10/2018 05:30 PM
The neighbors DP Robin Pachino

The neighbors DP Robin Pachino

The neighbors DP Robin Pachino

Robin Pachino, who's been turning us on since she was 50 years old, returned to our studio in a big way. At 61, she fucked a BBC. She took another guy's cock up her glorious ass. And here, she's getting DP'd by two hung studs.

"What other job can a woman over 50 have where she gets to fuck handsome young men all day and go home with a sore cunt and a paycheck at night?" Robin said.

Well, that's one way to put it.

The idea behind this scene is that two guys recognize their new neighbor as a famous porn star.

"It can't be," one says.

"It is!" the other says.

Yeah, it is. And this is their lucky day because after they meet her, she invites them in to do the kind of thing that porn stars do: She has them fuck her pussy and ass at the same time. It's a DP for this hot, sexy divorcee from Southern California! And, man, do these guys ever glaze her face after they're finished plundering her fuck holes!

"My entire body is a pleasure center," Robin said. "One of my favorite parts of my scene with Honey Ray at 50PlusMILFs.com was when I was on my back getting ass-fucked and Honey Ray was kneeling over me rubbing my clit. My ex-husband says I'm a slut. I tell him he's an asshole for losing the best piece of ass he'll ever have. Eat your heart out, baby!"

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06/28/2018 05:30 PM
Gina gives new meaning to, Fuck The Boss!

Gina gives new meaning to, Fuck The Boss!

Gina gives new meaning to, Fuck The Boss!

60Plus MILFs: Hi, Gina, and welcome back. You're going to have sex today, aren't you?
Gina: Yes, and the boy I am going to fuck is so young! I've always loved younger guys. I could be their mom, easily. They always go after me.

60Plus MILFs: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Gina: Well, I'm Italian. I live in San Diego. I like to workout. I'm trying, so I hope it's showing. I just love California. It's a fantastic place to live. A lot of hot guys. That's perfect!

60Plus MILFs: What do you do for fun in San Diego?
Gina: I love the beach. I ride my bike. I like to suntan. Of course, some shopping, because that's what girls do. And meeting young guys. That's a lot of fun right there.

60Plus MILFs: When you're with a young guy who wants to have sex, what's the first thing he usually goes for? Does he go for your boobs? Does he eat your pussy?
Gina: He'll usually touch my boobies and feel my body. They kiss me on the neck, and so we start kissing. And if it's a passionate kiss, then we go a lot further. I usually go down on my knees to see what's there.

60Plus MILFs: So you like to give blow jobs?
Gina: I love sucking dick! I like the feel of it. I feel his power and strength and excitement and his desire. That turns me on a lot.

60Plus MILFs: Do you usually suck a guy until he cums?
Gina: No, no! I just suck it to make him feel good and to make me feel good, of course. Then we play a little longer. We can do some penetration, all the good stuff.

60Plus MILFs: Needless to say, you're a very sexual person.
Gina: I love sex. It's the best thing in the world to fuck a young man with a big cock. All women should try something like this.

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06/26/2018 05:30 PM
Boss lady Gina gets some young cock

Boss lady Gina gets some young cock

Boss lady Gina gets some young cock

In her third fuck at 60PlusMILFs.com, 60-year-old Gina Milano is the sexy boss lady in a tight outfit that shows off her big tits and long, stockinged legs. She calls one of her employees into her office to pleasure her, and what's he gonna say? No? Absolutely not. First of all, you never say no to the boss. Second of all, you never say no to the hot, busty boss with a tight pussy.

Codey doesn't say no. He fucks Gina's face and pussy and cums in her mouth. Looks like he might get that bonus afterall.

"I was curious about doing a porno," Gina said. "I've seen several pornos, and I was wondering how those girls feel. I said, 'You know what? I want to try that.' And since I didn't try it when I was in my 20s, I wanted to try it now. So why not? And here I am!"

Before she fucked on-camera, the wildest thing Gina had ever done was have sex in a room in a swingers club with 30 couples.

"I was with my ex-hubby, and one guy next to us started rubbing my pussy, and he gave me a big orgasm," she said. "I was so loud that once everyone heard me cum, which everybody did, all 30 couples came at the same time. It was fucking hot! That was one of the hottest times ever. It was great. To get 30 couples to cum at the same time is amazing. And nobody expected it. That was the beauty of it."

And now, Gina is going to get 60PlusMILFs.com members around the world to cum at the same time. We're sure she sees the beauty in that, too.

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06/14/2018 05:30 PM
Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Lady S. fucks the sadness out of Max

Lady S., a 64-year-old wife, mom and grandmother from England, is trying to console Max. He's really upset. The guy is crying! Why is he so upset? Maybe because his young girlfriend left him? Maybe he lost his job or went bankrupt? Maybe his Premier League team had a bad season? Or maybe he's anticipating a bad run for England in the World Cup.

Who knows? The fact is, the man is upset, and Lady S., a former school teacher who's back to fuck for the third time at 60PlusMILFS.com, is going to try her best to make him feel better. She's going to do that by feeling him, which will make him happier. She sits on his lap and gives him a hug. Awwww, that's so nice!

"I'm sure I can make you feel better," she says.

Of course, there are two types of feelings: emotional and physical. Lady S. is planning to make Max feel better emotionally by making him feel very good physically. She's going to do that by stroking and sucking his cock. And having him lick her firm, fake tits. And letting him fuck her pussy in every possible position before he cums on her pussy.

That should make Max feel better. At least for a little while. And then when Max feels sad again, Lady S. will suck and fuck him again. Don't you wish all of life's problems could be solved so easily?

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06/12/2018 05:30 PM
Lady S. fucks again!

Lady S. fucks again!

Lady S. fucks again!

Because you can't get enough of her, Lady S., a 64-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from the UK, fucks for the third time at 60PlusMILFs.com. The guy she's with is 33, so he's easily young enough to be her son, almost young enough to be her grandson. But she sucks his cock anyway, because that's what she enjoys doing, then she fucks him until he cums on her pussy.

60PlusMILFs: How do you stay in such fuckable shape?

Lady S.: I work very hard to keep my body trim. I go to the gym three or four times a week. I want my husband and other men to want me. My husband tells me I'm gorgeous and says he wouldn't change a thing.

60PlusMILFs: Smart man. Lucky man, too. Now, you're retired, but you used to be a...

Lady S.: A school teacher! Once I retired, I was able to get into glamour modeling and then I got into this. I am a natural exhibitionist and love showing off my body anytime and anywhere. Sex is very important to me and I love exploring both male and female bodies. It is the most natural thing in the world.

60PlusMILFs: What's your best asset, other than your body?

Lady S.: I have a lively sense of humor which makes people laugh. My best physical assets are my smile and my butt.

60PlusMILFs: What's the best way for a man to get your attention?

Lady S.: Make me laugh. Silly and fun men are always attractive to me.

60PlusMILFs: What do you do for your man to make him feel special in and out of bed? What does he do to make you feel special?

Lady S.: Lots of cuddles, kisses and touching out of bed, all day. In bed, he loves me to stroke his chest and nibble his neck. He does the same to me. We tease each other, too.

60PlusMILFs: What were your top three sexual encounters?

Lady S.: Sure! When my husband and I first met. Having sex out in the open with an old boyfriend. Having sex with a younger man I met on the Internet. And now, being here!

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05/31/2018 05:30 PM
Leah L'Amour does it again!

Leah L'Amour does it again!

Leah L'Amour does it again!

64-year-old wife, mom and granny Leah L'Amour has a problem. She's ready to fuck. She's good and horny. She wants dick. But her husband (yep, that's her real-life hubby in this scene) is fast asleep. So what's a woman to do when she's dressed for sex in her hottest lingerie? What's a woman to do when her pussy is wet and her body is stirring? She could pull out her favorite fuck toy and satisfy herself. Heck, she could even wake up Mr. L'Amour with a blow job. That would do the trick.

But Leah has a better idea. There's a young guy working in her garden. Leah loves 'em young, sweaty and hung, and she can tell by the lump in his jeans that he's packing. So she calls him inside. Tony is worried that Mr. L'Amour might wake up and see them, but Leah isn't concerned. Besides, she's done this before...make a cuckold out of her hubby and suck and fuck right in front of him, that is.

Sure enough, Mr. L'Amour does wake up while Leah is sucking Tony's dick, and he doesn't seem happy about it.

"Again? Really?" he says.

"Really!" she says. "I'm in there and you don't take any time with me and I'm horny and you need to learn something."

What exactly does Mr. L'Amour learn in this scene? That his wife loves to suck and fuck young cock? He already knew that. That his wife loves when guys cum on her tits? He knew that, too. That she loves to eat cum? Ditto.

Funny thing: Mr. L'Amour sticks around the entire time. He doesn't leave. He doesn't try to get Tony to stop. He doesn't even threaten him. He just stands there and watches.

So what does that tell you?

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05/29/2018 05:30 PM
Leah can't stop fucking young cock!

Leah can't stop fucking young cock!

Leah can't stop fucking young cock!

Leah L'Amour is all dolled up and ready for action, but her hubby is fast asleep on the couch and there's nothing she can do to rouse him. Oh, sure, she could sit on his face, but why fuck the same old cock when there's a young stud working in her garden? That sounds like a better plan to Leah, who walks up to the window and shows him what she's got.

"Don't worry about my husband," Leah tells Tony after she lures him inside. "He's dead to the world right now. Besides, I'm sure you can fuck me better than he ever can."

Tony is 36. Leah is 64, and she has a smokin' hot body that looks great in lingerie. This is the second time this mother and grandmother has made a cuckold of her husband at 60PlusMILFs.com, so fucking behind her hubby's back has become a habit.

Leah shows off her pussy and asshole to get Tony hard then goes down on his dick. But wouldn't you know it, Mr. L'Amour wakes up from his nap and doesn't like what he's seeing.

"Look at this cock," Leah taunts her hubby before she goes down for another suck, not really caring what he thinks. "Look how big and hard it is. It's so much bigger and harder than your puny penis. Now stand there and watch."

At this point, Tony thinks he might have been played. It seems to him as if Mr. L'Amour enjoys being a cuckold and Leah planned this whole thing.

Now they wouldn't do that, would they? Hmmmm...maybe they would.

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05/17/2018 05:30 PM
Meet The Cuminator

Meet The Cuminator

Meet The Cuminator

Now it's time to get to know Lisa Marie Heart, a 60-year-old stunner from Phoenix, Arizona whose life is, basically, all about sex.

Yeah she has children and grandchildren. Yeah, she does other things for fun. But sex is at the center of her life, and in this revealing interview, she tells us all about it.

She's been a stripper and a lapdancer. She's an escort who's so good at giving blow jobs, she's given her girlfriends lessons on how to suck cock.

"Always keep your hands moving," she recommends. "Make a lot of eye contact. Make it more personal. Feel their body cues."

She spends a good portion of this interview with her tits out. They're 34DDs. Nice and plump.

"Guys always go for my tits," she said.

And then she goes for their cocks and balls. And then they fuck her pussy. Such is the life of Lisa Marie Heart.

"When I was dancing, I wanted to change my name to The Cuminator, but my manager wouldn't let me," she said.

Meet The Cuminator.

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05/17/2018 05:30 PM
Lisa Marie proves there's a first time for everything

Lisa Marie proves there's a first time for everything

Lisa Marie proves there's a first time for everything

Lisa Marie Heart, a divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, Arizona, has done a lot of sexy things in her 60plus years.

She was a topless dancer for 15 of them. That started in her 30s, when she was waitressing at a strip club and noticed that the girls on-stage were having a lot more fun and making a lot more money.

She's made men and women cum in their pants with her sexy lapdances and jerked off guys in the V.I.P. room.

"I'd always keep lube in my bag and slip my hand down their pants," she said. "They usually came in one dance."

She's been an escort who has sucked and fucked more guys than she can count.

"They said, 'You should do porn. You're so good at it,'" Lisa Marie said.

And so she did. And so she's doing this. For the first time, proving that you're never too old to experience new things.

Here, she fucks a guy who's 31, young enough to be her son. She shows off her impressive blow job and ball-sucking skills.

"When I give a blow job, it's all about the dick," she said. "I like to play with the balls. I like to engage all of me for the blow job."

She engages all of herself for the blow job and gives up her tight pussy for the fucking. Then the lucky guy cums on her pretty face.

Lisa Marie is short 'n' stacked. She's curvy. She's sexy. And she's here!

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05/15/2018 05:30 PM
A new 60Plus MILF who's short 'n' stacked

A new 60Plus MILF who's short 'n' stacked

A new 60Plus MILF who's short 'n' stacked

"A few of my friends would be surprised to see me here, but I'm very sexual, so most are surprised I hadn't done it sooner!" said Lisa Marie Heart, a 60-year-old first-timer from Phoenix, Arizona.

Lisa Marie gets things started by showing off her curvy body (she has DD-cup tits) and shapely legs in a tight, short, red dress. Then she really gets things going by sucking her son's best friend's cock. He's 31, young enough to be her son, almost young enough to be her grandson (Lisa Marie is divorced and has children and grandchildren). Before Lisa Marie knows it, she's getting her shaved pussy pounded every which way by young cock and getting her beautiful face glazed.

Lisa Marie is only 5'1" and weighs 114 pounds. She enjoys going to the gym (we can tell) and is a fan of the Arizona Cardinals football team. She also enjoys playing with her dog, a boxer brindle puppy. And, she said, "I never leave the house not wearing something sexy."

We're guessing that Lisa Marie looks sexy in anything.

She used to be a topless dancer. Again, no surprise there. She's done some swinging here and there.

"The funnest was when I went to a pool party and ended up in a room with seven other people for hours," she said.

She's not a nudist because "I grew up in a very conservative home."

Obviously, Lisa Marie is not conservative. But how sexually adventurous is she? We can't wait to find out.

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05/03/2018 05:30 PM
Private time with Crystal and a BBC

Private time with Crystal and a BBC

Private time with Crystal and a BBC

"I'm a very private woman," said 70-year-old divorcee Crystal King from New Jersey.

Here, Crystal invites us into her private bedroom, where she summons 28-year-old Jax. She doesn't waste any time before she's pulling his big, black cock out of his pants and sucking it, keeping her glasses on and making those humming and moaning noises we all love so much. She tenderly strokes his balls, too. Why tenderly? Because Crystal is a very nice woman.

Crystal used to be a dominatrix. She's from New Jersey and was sent our way by 60Plus MILF Kokie del Coco. They're friends. They even had a threesome together with another guy. Crystal is like Sandra Ann, our oldest GILF ever, in that you'd never imagine by looking at them that they do these things on-camera. They look so...grandmotherly. But then they do do these things on-camera, and that's great.

More about Crystal:

She volunteers for the Salvation Army.

She enjoys fine dining. Take her to a nice restaurant in New York City.

She goes for kind men with nice smiles.

She has done legal work for most of her life.

She describes herself as sexually assertive.

And until she came here, she'd never had sex with a really young guy.

Which just goes to prove that even when a woman hits age 70, she still has a lot of living to do.

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05/01/2018 05:30 PM
A 70-year-old GILF and a big, young, black cock

A 70-year-old GILF and a big, young, black cock

A 70-year-old GILF and a big, young, black cock

It's a beautiful thing: Sandra Ann enjoyed her time at 60PlusMILFs.com so much that she told Madison Milstar she should come here and fuck, too. And then Madison told Leah L'Amour, and Leah told another friend and so on and so on. And then Kokie Del Coco enjoyed her time here so much that she told her friend Crystal King about it, too. And now Crystal, who's 70 years old, is back for her second on-camera fuck at 60PlusMILFs.com, this time with a big, black cock

Crystal, who lives in northern New Jersey, had never given much thought to fucking on-camera. In fact, she had never given it any thought.

"I've been in law all my life," she said. "I do volunteer work in my spare time. I work with the Salvation Army, collecting with the red kettle. I'm a happy person. I'm grateful. This is an exciting experience for me. It's exhilarating. I'm like a kid at Christmas." 

At 70, Crystal is in a rare club of GILFs. Jax, the guy who's fucking her, is 28 years old, making him the youngest guy by far she's ever been with. Other than Kokie, people who know her would be shocked to see her here. Then again, she used to be a dominatrix. Her sexual fantasy?

"A man on his knees who will do anything I want."

Let's be Crystal clear about this: All she has to do is ask.

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04/19/2018 05:30 PM
Robin orders sausage. It's delivered in her ass.

Robin orders sausage. It's delivered in her ass.

Robin orders sausage. It's delivered in her ass.

In this video, 61-year-old Robin Pachino, a divorcee and porn star from Los Angeles, fucks the delivery man. She calls up the restaurant and orders "hot, spicy sausage." When Donny shows up, she wants his sausage, alright! She sucks it deep and has him fuck her pussy and asshole. Robin cums from getting ass-fucked. She cums from doing just about everything. She also indulges in a little ass-to-mouth action. Very nice. Very naughty.

60PlusMILFs: Hi, Robin. Welcome back! How have you been?

Robin: Absolutely fabulous. I've got this wonderful life where I do a lot of hiking and gardening and I have a rescue dog. Her name is Kelly.

60PlusMILFs: You first shot for us in 2005 when you were 50. How did doing those first scenes change you?

Robin: It opened new doors and new opportunities for me. My old job was boring. My marriage was boring. My life was boring, and it stopped being boring and started being exciting. I love this. I really enjoy the pleasure I give people. I get so many calls and emails telling me about the joy I give people. That makes me feel good. It's important to a person's well-being to cum, and I have contributed to a lot of well-being!

60Plus MILFs: And you cum a lot, too, don't you?

Robin: All the time! I have the best job in the world. I get to fuck and cum every day!

60PlusMILFs: Your whole life revolves around making people cum, doesn't it?

Robin: Yes, it does. I am a lifestyle and professional submissive. I offer obedience without hesitation. I am deviant, perverse and experienced, and I love outfits like this. This one is mine. I'm really into cosplay. I play Natasha Romanoff, "Black Widow." I love to go to Comic-Con. I love fantasy costumes. I love making fantasies a reality! That's why I'm here!

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04/17/2018 05:30 PM
GILF gets ass-fucked by the delivery boy

GILF gets ass-fucked by the delivery boy

GILF gets ass-fucked by the delivery boy

Here, 61-year-old Robin Pachino fucks the delivery boy. Nothing unusual about that. That's what horny GILFs like Robin do. But she takes it a step further by having him fuck her big, round, tight ass. Because that's what Robin does. She loves getting ass-fucked, and since she's horny, as usual, and the delivery boy has a cock, he'll do. She also opens her mouth for his cum. Because that's also what Robin does.

Back in the day, when Robin did a couple of scenes with Honey Ray for 50PlusMILFs.com, Robin didn't care that Honey didn't do anal. Robin did, so that meant more cock for her...more cock in her ass, that is. Robin told Honey that she didn't know what she was missing. Robin doesn't miss out on anything.

And yet, Robin is submissive and enjoys letting men have their way with her.

"I like to get creative with sexual things. For instance, dinner out with a man who has placed a vibrating egg over one of my holes. He can turn it on at random and watch me squirm while we dine. I enjoy that he enjoys watching me struggle to keep my composure."

He also knows that the best is yet to come.

Robin once told us she got into porn so she could fuck young studs.

"What other job can a woman over 50 have where she gets to fuck handsome young men all day and go home with a sore cunt and a paycheck at night?"

She forgot to mention the sore asshole, too. Actually, we're sure she didn't forget.

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